Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Model: MBT411
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model: MTW410

Welcome to the website of Mixo company.

Mixo is one of the largest manufacturing plants of country which is pioneer in manufacturing Stationary Concrete Batching Plant, Mobile Batching Plant, Portable Batching Plant, Sand Washing Plant, Truck Mixer, Cement Silos, Asphalt Plant, etc., and has the ability of competing in internal and global level.

Mixo tries to expand its market by improving product quality, offering better services, keeping honesty with customers and considering their requirements.

Mixo's Products
  • Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

    Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

    Mobile Batching Plant is a new generation of batching plant which is result of research, development, experience and day technology and makes it possible to install a concrete batching plant with all its units in a limited area with lower cost.

  • Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    Mixo, in order to satisfy different customers’ different needs, produces a wide range of batching plant whose main customers are constructional companies. These batching plants are used in big projects of tower building, road building, bridge building, dam building and etc.

  • Portable Concrete Batching Plant

    Portable Concrete Batching Plant

    One of the most popular batching plants used in concrete and construction industry is portable batching plant with the capability of easy transportation and fast installation.

    There is no need to uninstall or install portable batching plant after using and it can produce concrete or be transported continuously.

  • Sand Washing Plant

    Sand Washing Plant

    Mixo, considering the needs of customers and being aware of their different mineral and environmental conditions, is able of designing and producing sand washing machine with all its equipment.

    Our proficiency and experiences guide you in producing various kinds of sand.

  • Truck Mixer

    Truck Mixer

    Concrete truck mixer is another product of mixo which is designed and manufactured in 7 to 14 m³ capacities.

    These mixers are produced in different models and capacities by various technical specifications according to the needs and request of the customers.

  • Cement Silo

    Cement Silo

    Mixo can design and produce cement silos by capacities of 60 to 200 tons according to the customers’ needs and specifications of the construction site.

    Manufacturing cement silos based on particular cases is the proficiency of this company.

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